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OsCommerce: Extensions

Improving your shop system

With OsCommerce we can cater for your business and adapt the ecommerce system to your requirements as much as you would like.
We have developed extensions that a lot of our customers like to use and made their incorporation into the basic shop system simple and smooth. We can also custom-design extensions for your use if you tell us what you like. Our quotes are easy to understand and prices are per module so that you can choose the elements you would like and leave others for later or drop them if they are not applicable for your business.

Available extensions

The most important extensions are the ones that cater for the payment side of things. We particularly recommend using Worldpay or Sagepay, and we can also build a "pay by cheque" and "pay by Paypal" option into your site.

Sagepay module

The payment provider ProTX has been bought by Sage and hence the entire system was renamed to Sagepay. This means that old ProTX payment systems won't work on their test system anymore and surely the discontinuation of the live systems will eventually follow.
We have developed our module in a way that not only our customers can benefit from it but also other developers can use it in their own shop set-ups.
OsCommerce Sagepay VSP server payment module