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Online Shops based on OsCommerce

Online or on your desktop?

We suggest strongly to have your shop administration on the internet. We all know how often computers crash these days, and instead of being scared of whether the latest update of your shop will be retrievable from your dead hard drive, you could go onto the web with any other computer and log in, organising your sales for the day while somebody sorts that broken machine out. Our system is online based, so all you need is Internet Explorer or Firefox, a computer and a connection, and off to an internet café in Thailand with you...

Usability of your e-commerce system

Our shops are easy to use. Often, we only hand out our eleven page manual to people and they don't even require training. However, we do offer training - by telephone or at your premises, whichever you prefer. And don't you think that the shop doesn't have many options because it is easy to use - it just gives you them step by step - you can ignore the more difficult ones like vouchers for your customers until you got to grips with entering a product and so on.

Customisation of the look and functions of the e-shop

We will give you a quote that we stick to before we proceed to creating your online shop. You may be surprised how many of your special requirements are already covered by our software.

Time to create your web-based shop

Please bring time. We don't only need time to create a perfect shop and enter a first set of products to give you your shop ready to launch. Moreover, you will need to do some preparation: collate your products, write descriptions, and get images of them. You need to compile your web text (about us, home page), your terms and conditions, and a "how to buy" section - ideally also a 'Frequently Asked Questions' section.
Often, our customers want a web site, online shop, logo and stationery designed. That takes time: To create a company out of thin air is not done in a week. Most often, these projects run over three months, especially because we offer unlimited changes to both your web shop design and your logo design: we take the time to get it right.