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Sagepay - Online Shops based on OsCommerce

OsCommerce Sagepay VSP server

This contribution has been created by Moustique Design's Neville Jones.
The Sagepay VSP server contribution was originally created as a ProTX extension for our own in-house version of OsCommerce.

The module allows for a simple integration using Sagepay as third party payment provider. It comes with 7 pages of documentation talking you through from installation all the way to testing and setting the system live.
You can use custom designed payment pages with this system and Sagepay, these pages need to be uploaded onto Sagepay by their staff.

Background information

Moustique Design started using OsCommerce in 2003 using an AABox version of OsCommerce. The AAbox version is essentially osCommerce with many of the best preinstalled modules, saving hours in development in trying to meet clients' requirements quickly and efficiently.

Our Team

Neville Jones and the team around him have many years of experience in web development and have built up a big portfolio of dynamic websites.

Our OsCommerce

OsCommerce is our speciality as osCommerce is a good tool and relatively good to develop. Over the years we have developed our own in-house version of OsCommerce and are calling it OSCultra. It...

Our service

Moustique Design offer a full design service and create an online shop to your requirements.
We take you through the whole process step by step: