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Web greeting cards (Christmas greetings)

Wish your customers merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Every year, we design static and animated christmas cards for our customers. Be it season's gretings or merry christmas, they can say anything you like. You can choose from a range of ready-made greetings personalised with your company name and logo, or you can have a greeting completely custom-made.

Ready-made Christmas greeting

animated christmas greeting - looks like an airmail letter merry christmas with Santa, his sledge and great music merry christmas with Rudolph the Reindeer; animated card with sound merry christmas from Moustique: animated card merry christmas - animated card with an angel on a tree animated christmas greeting with tree merry christmas - animated card with ice crystal merry christmas from Moustique: animated card with sound

Just adding a logo onto an already existing non-animated/static card and licensing it to you for use for one year will cost you £50.00. We will deliver it to you as a JPG or GIF via email and you can email it out to your database.
Adding a logo onto an already existing animated greeting will cost you £100.00. We will add your logo into the Flash animation, create a still image as JPG or GIF, which you can put into an email for people to click on. We will deliver the SWF and HTML for the Flash animation to you to upload to your own web server, or we can upload them to ours and you can link to these. Whichever way, an animation cannot be embedded into an email, hence why there needs to be a link to it. This can be a good way of tracking how many people read your email and clicked on your animation.
Please have a look at the cards below that we have already done so far. I hope you will like them.

Custom-made Christmas greeting

christmas card for felinesoft merry christmas - animated card animated christmas card for a couple

Creating a custom-made simple card will cost from £120.00 (3hrs) and will be a still image in an email. A more elaborate animated greeting, custom-made to your requirements, will usually take us at least one day to complete and hence start from £300.00, which is our daily rate.
We have made the most interesting things for some of our customers - an entire office sang a song for the greeting, whereas another entire office bundled into our animated Santa's sledge; it's lots of fun to do these, so bring these fab Xmas ideas to us...
Have a look at the cards below for example; hope you like it.