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bra fitter's e-commerce site

E-Commerce Site built on OsCommerce 01/2006, updated design 2011

Corporate Identity Design: Illustrated logo, mascot figure and icons

Custom web design:
Custom-made Web Site Design, customisation of online shop software to allow for specific requirements of product range; size combinations were added, as was stock level control by size.

"The Moustique Design Team have been able to (briefly) step into my shoes to accurately identify the corporate image required for my company The Fitting Studio. An image of which I am extremely proud. My expectations have been greatly exceeded and every detail has been attended to. All projects are carried out with great professionalism, creativity and enthusiasm. Anuschka has even become my unofficial mentor. I continue to benefit from the experience she has gained because she always goes above and beyond the call of duty to give me the support I need, whilst Neville's technical prowess is invaluable. Moustique Design should be awarded a "Quality Assured" stamp for all the great work they do. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a team that will deliver quality work.
Select them for your next project."
Kyra Pitter