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Federation of Corporate Real Estate

Custom Logo Design and Web Site Design. 03/2011.


Our corporate clients are from varied backgrounds.
Amongst them are lettings agents, language schools, business consultancies, manufacturers, TV companies etc.
The reason why they ask us to create their web site is that they want something simple but stylish and also well coded. Our HTML is always hand-coded, there is no superfluous code created by "WYSIWIG" tools (what you see is what you get = tools which create web site code for people with less technical knowledge), which makes them easy to read for search engines, quick loading and accessible for anybody. Other customers of ours are service- and people-oriented companies, often owned by women. We love to work with them because their offerings are different, quirky, beautiful and their owners care about their customers, just like us.
Beauty and health therapists, yoga and qi gong teachers, coaches, networking organisations, and musicians are only a few of the businesses we count among our clients.
Amongst our design-led customers there are many garden designers, architects, jewellery designers, interior designers, fine artists and fashion designers.
Within the media sector, we have created web sites for PR companies, advertising agencies and photographers.