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Custom Website Design 08/2011

Custom web design: xHTML, CSS, Javascript-based animation

Moustique Design developed my website for me. They did a fantastic job, and I received many, many 'wow' comments on the website. The website has definitely exceeded my expectations, and it has given me the branding and the credibility that I needed.
I love Moustique's approach. Firstly, they had me complete a detailed questionnaire to understand both me and what I was trying to communicate on my website; including its positioning and how I wanted it to look.
From that, they came up with my logo, and then designed the look and structure of the website. Their wonderful designer also created my business cards, and I have received endless compliments on them - including from designers.
Also, Anuschka is a good listener and gives me excellent ideas; it is a real partnership.
My website is my shop front and I am starting to get sales that I would not have got if I did not have this website. For example, last week I did a sale with a woman in Singapore whilst I was in San Diego, California.
And every time I need to get anything new added, they turn it around very quickly. I give Moustique Design a job and they get it done ahead of time! I recommend Anuschka and her team at Moustique Design enthusiastically.
Jean Liggett