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We take pride in our HTML code

Good code for good SEO performance

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We are proud of building our web sites to the latest standards in HTML coding. We make sure that your web site will be viewable in all common browsers, on a PC as well as on a Mac, and that they also work in older browsers that are still used today.
We create all our web sites by hand, and we validate the code according to W3C standards, our industry's standards. This might take longer but it means that we have thought the entire structure through, and that we are keeping things as lean as they can be. This is useful for users who rely on screen readers, it works better for search engines because there is no unnecessary bulk around the text that they actually want to read.
It is also useful for keeping your customers interested; the pages load quickly, so even somebody on the move can download them without painful waiting times, be it on a mobile devide or with a slow modem. In turn, that means that your business can reach out wider and can be of interest to other countries where broadband might not be as common as in your country yet.

Over the years, we have especially worked hard on improving the e-commerce system that we use. We have stripped a lot of the old code out which was in the system and have improved its agility. One of our latest online shop creations can hardly be compared with one we created a couple of years ago; technology has moved on so much and we improved the structure of each shop as we went on. Last year alone, we have created a good dozen of shops, and we are immensely proud of the changes we could incorporate into each of them.

The HTML Code of our e-commerce web sites is now similar to the code of our HTML-only web sites, something that might sound like nothing but means that we have decreased the size of these pages by four times and brought the HTML structure of these sites into the 21st century. Previously, online shops had been clunky and had more containing structure than actual contents. This is now a thing of the past and our shops can compete with hand-created web pages.