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Ecommerce Design

Online Shops based on OsCommerce

We want to help you get your perfect online shop.
Moustique Design have built ecommerce shop systems since 2003. All our online shops are built on an open source system called OsCommerce which we have fine-tuned and developed over the years.

Have a look at our E-Commerce Website Design portfolio for some examples of E-Commerce web sites that we have built.

The future of retail is e-commerce

Having an e-commerce web site work for you when you sleep, lunch, network and do your accounts is the way forward for every trading business. From £11 billion in 1999, internet-based retail spending jumped to £73 billion. In order to be a part of this change in consumer behaviour, you should be aware of a few things before you get your online shop started.

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The e-commerce system we use

When we started our e-commerce building career, we built shops on Actinic. Actinic is one of the most widely known online shopping cart that can be bought off the shelf. However, it needs to be bought before we can even start customising it to the look of your site, and to the way you want the shop to work, and it has its restrictions.

Nowadays, we build all our shops on an "Open Source" product. "Open Source" means: Instead of re-inventing the wheel every time a shop is needed, a few programmers created a community to create an online shop system together and fed their solutions back into that community. So every time one of them needs a shop, they use the basic system and add the customer's specifications in. That means that the basic system does not cost you anything. All you pay for is installation and testing it on your server (we can provide hosting) and then our customisation to your specific needs. That usually reduces the cost of your shop by nearly half, and allows your budget to ask for these little specials that an off-the-shelf product just wouldn't allow for.

Cost of an online shop

What we use is called OsCommerce. We will create a quote for every customer but generally, you can expect such a shop to start at a price around £2,000+VAT, with most customers settling for a medium solution of around £4,000+VAT.

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