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Our clients

Who do we work for?

Our clients are small to medium companies from all sorts of backgrounds. Individuals just starting up a company are welcome and will be guided through the process of getting a site. We often assist from zero to a full blown business. We can design your logo, your stationery, then your static brochure site and eventually a grown-up online shop with hundreds of your products.
Our clients come from the business and education sectors. Many of them are design-led businesses: accessories shops and other retailers, landscape gardeners, interior designers, architects, beauty salons, therapists, coaches...

Some of our clients:

  • Ally Capellino
  • Druces LLP Solicitors
  • Marc Restaurants
  • Body Control Pilates
  • University College London
  • Kandor
  • Calverts Printing Cooperative
  • Moncrief London
  • Midas Consulting
  • Tax Returns Made Simple
  • London Presence
  • School 21
  • Display Architecture
  • Catherine Hayward
  • Charles Gervais
  • Working Capital Partners
  • ZZA
  • ID Consulting
  • Sean Swallow Gardening
  • Information Initiatives IT
  • Annabelle Holland
  • Backhaus
  • Properties of the World
  • SRS Bureau Recruitment
  • Gregg Wallace
  • Strategy Partnership
  • London Garden Design
  • Kitchen Coordination
  • Andrew Kerr
  • Centrepoint Software
  • Federation of Corporate Real Estate
  • Fitbyte
  • Kinderpods
  • Orfeo Design
  • Moviemind
  • Heritage Recruitment


Ask any of our clients if they think their website enhances and complements their company's image. We don't design them to please us but to please our clients, which means that each website is different.
We may not have tons of years of experience but we have the enthusiasm to greet each customer as an individual who is welcome in our group of friends.
Of the over 100 web sites we have created since starting our business in 2003, many have come back for more. Be it an update of a template to a custom designed site, or a custom-designed site to an e-commerce site, or the second and third business venture of our client, we are happy that our customers continue to trust us.

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