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met a SEO specialist

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

I met a nice search engine optimisation specialist today from SMR Digital. He’s done this for over a decade and knows a lot about the changes that Google (and the likes) implement in the way the search engines work. For many a dark art, I can only recommend to go with a specialist and hence we do not do SEO in house, as we don’t have the man (or woman!) power to really get to the bottom of this.

These people need not only know about marketing, GMB photos or social media, they need to know about the way search engines work and why Amazon is higher up in the rankings than your site. This page will dwell more on rankings.

Ross will get back with a few evaluations of our customer’s sites and give me his opinion and a quote as to what he would typically charge for work on them. It is always so hard to tie these SEO people down on price, so let’s see what he says. To be fair, he has some packages on his web site, and as with most companies, his site is sooo not search engine optimised, so you cannot judge from it, and I better not link to it…

Talking about linking to something; he says that it is important to have LOTS of incoming links, so make sure you go onto forums and sign your signature with a link to your web site, and put press releases out, get onto directories and more.

SEO for ecommerce sites

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Hundreds and hundreds of search engine related newsletters wing their way into my inbox weekly. Maybe not quite that many but every ecommerce web site owner should subscribe to even more. The latest one I read about SEO for ecommerce sites was from the Burlington SEO company here. It’s not hugely technical and most things they say are things we know but well worth to always keep at the front of your mind.

So as published on Web 20 Ranker, the five sins ecommerce site owners commit are: 1) they haven’t got enough content on the pages that don’t display products. So the home page and the category pages. Work on that, dear people!

2) They say that lots of ecommerce sites have bad URLs, check examples at The chances are that you have taken out our SEO-friendly URLs and are safe here.

3) Good meta descriptions – you can either choose to get the system to fill these automatically for you or you can get a system that allows you to edit every meta tag for every site. Site Reference say these are useful but not essential. We think so, too, so we leave this optional for you.

4) No alt tags on the images (alt stands for alternative text, for those who cannot see the image, which includes search engines of course). You are safe here where product images are concerned because the OsCommerce system we use does this for you.

5) the last issue they mention I cannot even pronounce; canonicalisation. If you go with a web site from us, your site will not have multiple URLs; in order to show a product in several categories, you don’t need to multiply it, just link to it from the various categories, and we explain how to do this.

So as far as these people are concerned, your site is okay if built with our version of OsCommerce.