eye opening – a website planning meeting

Today I had a good meeting with a business coach who wanted to refresh his website and get an idea of cost and procedures. He seemed very surprised at the many questions that I threw at him to organise his content and to find out what his main company strategy was, his “unique selling point” and the direction he wanted to take, his favourite types of work and what set him apart. And more!

I was in turn surprised at his surprise and thought “surely this is the only way how I can find out what type and style of website we should design for his business?” but he said that previously, he commissioned web designers to build a website and they built a website, not many questions asked.

So I guess we are much more than just ‘website builders’ – we put a lot of effort and time into the design process and of course the research process that comes before that – what are you about? What makes you tick? The business owner often plays a vital part in forming the soul of the business, and it is important to know the overall strategy. So for this gentleman, while his current website sold him as a personal coach, he only talked about corporate coaching to me and while his website didn’t set him apart much from other coaches, he was able to show me really quickly that he was really different from others, and that it is going to be quite easy to make that come across in a new web design.

So as a result, the tasks ahead are not only rebuilding his site, but restructuring his services, his presentation of himself and getting a strategy etched out to see what will be the most important thing for him, going forward. It was fun to meet and to dissect all this – I’d take as long as it needs to get to the bottom of it all, that is the foundation we need in order to offer a good web design service and an appropriate web development route, too.

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