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Moustique exhibit at BNI members day

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Many late nights and long hours went into the preparation of our stand at the BNI Members Day on Friday the 25th of June. I hope it was a success – our stand was certainly very well visited and we met Dr Ivan Misner (the founder of BNI) and shook his hand. Now I have nearly finished writing my follow-up emails, am starting to arrange some 121s and then – let’s hope the BNI magic will lead to some lovely new projects for us.

Here are pictures of the day: and here is a picture of us on the stand, as shot by the BNI photographer Peter Mukherjee:


uaah, I’m on the front page…

Thursday, June 24th, 2010


A fellow BNI friend, Emma from Currency Solutions, let me know that I was there, huge and visible, on the front page of a speednetworking site. I went there last year for my sins for a spree of – well, speed networking of course. It was at the Bstartup fair in Earls Court. I think that they should at least link to the websites of their unsuspecting victims but there is nowhere on the site to contact them… hhmmm…