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oh to be ignored by a florist

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Isn’t it lovely to be ignored by a florist?? They bring you flowers if they don’t reply to your email, yoohee!

…it must be the best thing in the world.

Alison from Pollennation couldn’t reply to my email straight away and I got these instead:

flower from pollennation

With choccies! Thanks fromĀ  Anuschka to Alison from PollenNation

georgina hardy, artist

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

georgina hardy's web siteReally chuffed with this web site. A lot of input from the customer made this a really really personal web site, tailored around Georgina’s paintings and drawings. Her idea of having the oil paint splashes in the background works wonderfully and we are all very proud – designer, HTMLer and me, the project manager!

Check out her work:

earthquake on holidays

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Phew, what a start to this year… a couple of accidents, then we go on holiday and there is an earthquake where we want to go, so we are unscathed but our return is delayed by two days. And then I come back with a big cold to a huuuuge heap of work that has collected while I have been away, of course! So I’m cracking on with it….