inspiration by Charlie Osmond

Yesterday I went to an event by FreshMinds with several speakers, it was all for women and a lucky few got some of these clever women as mentors. So there I was, hoping I would get another mentor; I had a couple at the beginning of life-with-Moustique-Design of course, when I started it all up with the help of the Prince’s Trust. Since then, I had a couple of business coaches but now I wanted to try to get a mentor in a similar field as me. Well, I failed but I listened to Charlie Osmond explaining blogging and twittering and all the likes, and suddenly it made more sense. Not sure why it made me think that I can think of something to write – I guess his talk was clear, easy to follow and made sense, brought blogging into my business sphere and hence, and here is my new blog. Thank you, Charlie! :)

Also, I met some nice ladeees but probably will never keep in touch, as it is when going to these networking events. Oh vell.

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