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About us: how we work

The process of creating your artwork

...so this is how we treat you...

We welcome you with patience and interest, we want to put you at ease so that you do not worry about asking questions. Well, at Moustique Design, we still remember what it felt like to be faced with that thing they call internet for the first time. Most of our customers have their first website designed with us and require some hand holding. We don't treat you as a number, we treat you as a friend.

...the process...

First you tell us what you would like to achieve with a web site. From this, we will create a proposal, and once you are happy with our offer, we will set up a contract to make sure that you have in black and white what we will deliver for you.
After the paperwork is out of the way, we will send you a questionnaire to get an understanding of what your business is about and how it does -or will- work. We're trying to find out your values and what message you want to share with people.
Your input and vision then gets translated into the design process. We will email you several design options and then refine these until you are 100% happy. This can take anything from a day for a customisation to up to 6 weeks for a full corporate design. We typically start with the creation of the logo and then move on to web site, stationery, and brochure designs should you require these.
Once the design is finalised, we will create the web coding for your project. Depending on whether your web site will be a more advanced system like an ecommerce web site or a simple brochure web site, this will lead on to the programming stage. We can either use one of our off-the-shelf products or build a custom-made system for you.
While we do this, you would prepare the content for your web site. We can explain to you how to write text for the internet and we can give you feedback on what you provide us. We also work with several copy writing and search engine specialists whom we're happy to recommend.

...we speak English, German, Spanish, French and Italian...

If you have got a web site in various languages, you want the designers to be able to understand the text they put into the site, or else you may end up with your special pricing in the about us section and the biography of the director mixed up with that of the company cat.
Amongst ourselves, we cover five languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian.

...translation service...

For translations, we recommend a few select third party companies. For German, we highly recommend Andrea from Think Deutsch, for other languages, please ask us or Andrea, we can recommend various firms.