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Moustique Design are a web design agency based in Hoxton, north of the Silicon Roundabout... We mainly build content-managed websites for our clients and specialise on ecommerce solutions, and we also offer graphic design services. Since our beginnings in 2003, we have designed and built way over 100 web sites. Whether slick and business-like or funky and custom-made; whatever you fancy, we can create a site you and your customers will love! Click through to the actual sites if you wish to see more details.

Our friendly team consists of a graphic designer, several web developers and the boss who project manages your site creation. Each of us is a specialist in their own field. This diversity enables Moustique Design to virtually fulfil your every wish for your website. Together, we are a young team enthusiastic about our work, and we are keen on creating your site for you.
To give you some technical background information; we build a lot of websites on the Wordpress platform, and we sometimes also work with Joomla, OsCMax and Typo3.
We can also work on more specialist projects for you; we have experience in Facebook applications and would love to build your next iPhone app.
Don't worry that we might smother you in technical terms that won't mean anything to you. We don't because we like to keep it simple and we are proud that our customers aren't afraid to ask questions and find us approachable. Why make life more difficult than it is?

What makes us different is that we combine the technical knowledge as well as the artistic element. We are not only designers and we are not only developers, our team balance each other perfectly: if the techy makes something too bland, the designer adds some visual spice to his work, and if the designer makes something too detailed to make sense technically, the developer gets us back onto Planet Earth.

Let us introduce ourselves to you; meet the team.
We like to keep our customers happy, and we receive glowing recommendations from nearly everyone who we work for. Please check out our testimonial pages to find out what people say about us.